Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visit from the Northwoods...

My cousin, Carrie, and her 21 month old son Rudy came to visit us for a week. Carrie lives in Rhinelander, WI now and has lots of chuckles about life in "the Northwoods". She even made a documentary of their town and "rural" lives in the woods, very different from where she was raised in Chicago...
They arrived on my birthday, which made the day! The travels were uneventful for them, for which I was thankful. We took it easy Monday and Tuesday and then went for a ride out to La Grange to see the blue bonnets and visit the Jersey Farm. You will see a couple of photos from the farm, I went the previous week as well. It was a great time! The friggin' wind was a beating though ugh! It would have been perfect if we could have just gotten some good photos of the kids in the blue bonnets. Savanna hates those things up close...

Aunt Patty we took this one for you... we had visions of a sweet photo of the kids together!

I have to wonder what that was that he put in his mouth?

where'd my scoop go?

I hate these bonnets!

ah, how sweet~

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