Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One Lucky Playdate!

The Mom's club that I have joined here in Spring, proves to be just as wonderful as the other clubs I have been a part of in Minneapolis and Columbus! It is amazing how many wonderful Mom's I have met through these different organizations (meetup.com and International MOMS Club)
Ethan, Savanna and I hosted a playdate today at our house. Only one person got a pinch for not wearing green. There were about 10 Mom's and 13 kids in total. We enjoyed some yummy snacks that everyone brought and of course some cake that I couldn't keep Ethan away from. Everytime I turned around he was dragging some object across the living room to try and climb up to it. Savanna's highlight was her new interest in EATING sand...
We had a great time and the little game that I stole from my parents proved to be a hit once again! The game is to write names on a piece of paper and then tape it to everyone's back. The person can ask 2 questions and then gets a guess, you go around as many times as it lasts before someone guesses. We went around twice. Our names were all green and were cartoon characters of some sort.

Enjoy the pics

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