Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Girl Turns 1!!

Savanna celebrated her 1 year birthday with family and friends at a get together at our house. We had a bouncey house, cupcakes and snacks. We had about 25 people in all and it was a really nice party. Savanna received many generous gifts of clothes and toys, she is set for the summer.
She enjoyed her cake, but didn't really want to get her fingers all dirty. Nope - she went for a fork to eat her cake. These aren't the best of photos... Emily and Wendy got the better shots. I look forward to seeing those.

Savanna took her first steps on the 19th and is now cutting her two top teeth to match the two on the bottom. I can't believe that she is growing up so fast...our baby girl.

We "rocked out" after the party.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Misty & Lilly's Visit

My girlfriend Misty and her daughter Lilly came to visit from Austin for a couple of days. Misty and I have been friends for over 20 years. It was great to visit with her and especially to meet Lilly! We spent the afternoon at our favorite park (Meyer Park) the second day. Little Savanna scooting around the park with the big strawberry made me smile.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Skip diddle doo my darrrllliinngg

So, this hand me down toy from my sweet cousin, Amy, is the hit of the house these days. Only after, of course, they discovered it over at Emily's house during finger painting (she has the same toy). When they got home that evening, they both spent time in front of the fridge dancing. I had to capture it on video for you!

CORRECTION!!! So, if you are getting this via email - you have to go to and then click on the photo to see the video. What you see in the email is only the still photo. I hope you will take the time, it is pretty cute, especially Ethan.

Finger Painting!!!

Well, I am sooooo behind on getting this updated but am recommitted to share again... Things have been crazy just as I am sure your lives have been.We enjoyed a great holiday season and are back in the groove of things. I don't think that I will go backwards, but will focus my energy on trying to stay current.
We had a finger painting party at our friend, Emily's house this past Monday. Ethan wasn't quite sure about it, but participated and even got his one finger a little bit dirty! Savanna on the other hand went for it! She had second thoughts though and wanted to be clean again.. hence the crying face in the group photo at the end.