Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

Our day began with the Easter Bunny and coloring eggs. Ethan was into the candy and throwing the eggs in the dye with a BIG splash... Mommy and Daddy tried to minimalize the mess! It was raining and yucky all morning, but luckily it wore off~ The afternoon weather was amazing!

We spent our afternoon at The Dowds house. We had fried green tomatoes and marinated cheese for apps followed by an Easter Egg Hunt in their backyard and then Easter lunch/dinner. Emily and I split up the menu and we had a great feast!

The kids had a blast getting the eggs. Ethan finally figured out that the eggs had candy and the race to pick up the most was on. We finished the day off with a free for all Easter Bunny Cake in the backyard. They loved that~more sugar!

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